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KC Choi

Senior Business Advisor

KC Choi is a Korean-American with one of the largest networks in Asia and North America. KC is the go-to man at the firm when something essential is necessary for the success of a company. From brokering deals to sourcing products, KC is a one-stop source of information on China, Korean and North American Business.

Prior to joining Hayes & Simon, P.C., KC managed a leading LED distribution company, a lighting display company and served as a non-commissioned officer in the U.S. military.

KC is known for his loyalty, straight-shooting manner and street smarts. He is one of the keys to the success of Hayes & Simon, P.C. clients when a nuanced and strategy-focus approach is needed for sourcing, partnership building and negotiations are necessary for success of a project.

KC is fluent in Korean and English. He is, also, proficient in spoken Mandarin Chinese.

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