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As we've mentioned in our other Korean Law Blog, virtual currency or more popularly known as cryptocurrency is a digital representation of value that can be digitally traded or transferred. When holders are using these virtual currencies the transactions are completed via Blockchains (decentralized databases). For article on virtual currency law in Korea, please read: Korea's Virtual Assets/ Cryptocurrency Law. This law firm works on ICO and Blockchain matters for clients doing business in the United States, Korea, China, and Southeast Asia.

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Opportunities are increasingly emerging in New York for the purchase of distressed assets. Opportunities abound in commercial real estate, residential real estate, retail, manufacturing, franchising, distribution, and food & beverage. Many of these distressed assets shall hit bankruptcy courts or shall be sold under the UCC. Opportunities are, immediately, available for investors with access to immediate cash, the ability to conduct nuanced due diligence and an ability to either turnaround distressed businesses or weather the present real estate storm.

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