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In a prior article, we discussed the basics of Reverse Mergers (also referred to as reverse takeover “RTO,” reverse IPO, or a backdoor listing). And as mentioned in this post, in a reverse merger investors, typically, of a privately-held company acquire a majority of the shares of a publicly-held company, which is then merged with the privately-held company. The basics of an RTO were explained in the article above. This post details the SEC compliance basics after the execution of the reverse merger.

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Numerous F & B, Accommodation, and General Services business are facing dire predicaments because of Coronavirus-related restrictions on business and the state of the U.S. economy. Now business owners are facing the fear that these businesses may be sued by patrons or employees for the alleged contraction of Covid-19 at the place of business of the business. For another article on this issue that may be useful for business owners, please see: Rental Abatements of Commerical Leases in New York. Thus, we have developed this Coronavirus Risk Mitigation list to assist businesses in mitigating risk.

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